2019 Revolution X Stage 3: ANY COLOR + ANY COLOR RIMS


The Ultimate Made in the USA Performance E-Bike

2019 Revolution X
The Revolution X sets the bar to levels never thought possible. Featuring all new top tier components, including a factory tuned DVO suspension, the Revolution X takes performance to a whole new level. With up to 7000W of heart-thumping power at your fingertips, hold on tight as Revolution X takes you to places you only dreamed of!

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We Made the Ultimate E-Bike Even Better
The HPC Revolution-X is our premier and most popular product here at Hi-Power Cycles. What you see here is a product that has been over four years and five prototypes in the making. No costs were spared in making the ultimate Freeride/DH electric bike on the market that will excel in nearly every scenario.

The Revolution X is hand welded and 100% built here in the United States. It is designed to be the most reliable, fastest, most nimble, lightest weight and most powerful downhill electric bike available anywhere. It all started with a handbuilt 6061-T6 Aluminum frame that is hand welded one at a time by a highly esteemed industry professional with over 30 years of TIG welding experience. Our group of engineers for this project are experts in bicycle and moto geometry, as well as suspension performance. This amount of R&D, lab and field testing, and suspension tuning puts the Revolution X head and shoulders above its competition in terms of overall quality, electric system performance, and ride quality.

The component specification has been changed drastically from the standard Revolution. Everything from the upgraded quad piston Magura MT7e brakes, Renthal carbon bars and Integra II stem, X01 DH rear transmission, Cane Creek 110 series headset, upgraded front hub, upgraded bearings, and most importantly the factory tuned fork and rear shock, seamlessly provide the ultimate rider experience.

Ride Now, Pay Later
We have partnered with the best finance companies in the U.S. to bring you the lowest rates and options for buying your dream HPC E-Bike. Fill out the quick application and see instantly what you can afford!

60+ MPH Top Speed
With the optional 7,000 Watt Thunderbolt power system, the Revolution can achieve speeds up to 60 mph! The high torque Striker motor can achieve 46 mph. (6000W Thunderbolt- 55mph)

*Off road mode must be enabled

100+ Mile Range
The optional 86V 2400Wh battery offers a throttle only range of up to 100 miles. The standard 1290Wh battery offers up to 50 miles range.

*Throttle only, 20mph, 160lb rider

0-30 mph: 4.57s
Have the need for speed and acceleration? The 7000W Revolution X, with its higher power to weight ratio, has enough torque to out climb and out accelerate the competition. (6000W- 4.72 seconds 0-30mph)

*7,000W system w/ Striker Motor, 150lb rider

16? to Fill Up
Only 16 cents to fill up means you can go farther and more often! Travel up to 50 miles on the standard 1290Wh battery. No need for gas or oil changes again!

*Based off 12? per killowat hour US average

2400Wh Battery
The optional 86V 2400Wh battery offers a throttle only range of up to 100 miles. The standard 1290Wh battery offers up to 50 miles range.

*Throttle only, 20mph, 160lb rider

79 Pounds
The space age 6061 aluminum and carbon fiber frame weigh only 13 pounds! By using high performance electronics with lightweight components, we were able to keep the weight at just 79 lbs (6,000W base configuration)

Electric Technology
The Revolution X uses the highest quality and best performing electric system in the industry. Our goal with the the Revolution X was to pack as much new technology and top tier components into one package for the ULTIMATE riding experience. The result is a seamless blend of incredible instantaneous power, performance and precision that pairs perfectly with the complete bike.

Powerful DC Brushless Hub Motor
The 6,000W (Standard) DC hub motor is both silent and maintenance free. With a proven track record and incredibly robust internals, this motor will keep turning as long as you own your Revolution X. Featuring upgraded upgraded Japanese NSK bearings (the only moving parts on the motor), silver plated wires with gold plated connectors and updated motor laminations, we built this motor to be the most powerful and realiable system in a lightweight package. Passive air cooling not only allow the motor to stay cool longer but coupled with internal anti-corrosion coating, this motor will perform well in any environment.

With nearly 8 horsepower (hp) output and instant torque in off road mode, the Revolution is a thrilling ride! You can upgrade to the 7,000W motor for over 9 hp and 150lb/ft torque to the rear tire (off road mode enabled) that will give the rider absolutely insane speed, torque, and raw power!

Made in USA Battery System
Any electric bike is only as good as its battery. What cells that are used (making sure they are authentic and not counterfeit like many imported packs), the assembly process, the materials used in the battery production, what connectors are used, and what battery management system is used is imperative to getting the proper performance and safety from your e-bike.

Our battery systems use only the finest authentic cells that are triple checked for consistency and performance before they are assembled. Our in house assembly process allows us to be in total control of the quality and make the most reliable and highest performing battery systems possible. All battery packs feature intelligent Battery Management systems and smart chargers to keep the battery performing at its optimal level, charge after charge. With up to 100 miles of range, only thing you need to worry about is where you will go next!

Advanced Sine Wave Control System
Featuring the newest in Sine Wave technology, our control system is both powerful and quiet. As the “brains” of the bike, the controller is constantly processing hundreds of data packets per second to seamlessly control your riding experience.

The new control system offers 10% more starting torque and higher efficiency throughout the power-band. Sine Wave technology smooths out throttle responsiveness and power delivery making the Revolution much easier to ride in both the city and off-road. Most importantly, the sine wave controller now makes the Revolution X almost completely silent! Each model is custom programmed in house on both our dynamometer and with a VBOXX to measure real world performance which ensures your bike will perform at its peak level when you receive it!

Intelligent Display
What good is all this cutting edge technology without being able to know what is going on? Our intelligent display is able to show battery level, battery voltage, battery used, speed, distance, time, average speed, top speed, power output, and amp output. This will also keep track of lifetime battery cycles, efficiency, and distance. By plugging directly into our control system, this intelligent display is able to control parameters including speed limit and amp limit to not only obey local laws but also to increase efficiency.

Component Technology
Refined Frame Geometry

Through several iterations and hundreds of hours of testing, our team of engineers designed a bike that will perform as well as it looks! We keep ourselves aligned with cutting edge industry standards for suspension design, bike geometry, and component standards to make sure our frames will be comfortable and perform to our exacting specifications. The frame is the most important aspect of your bikes handling and feel so this is not an aspect to overlook since even the smallest degree change can have a huge impact!

Dvo Diamond
Factory Tuned DVO Suspension*
Our halo bike needed the world’s best bicycle suspension. The DVO Emerald is the most advanced downhill fork ever created. This fork is the result of decades worth of experience in suspension building & tuning. The team that created this fork also optimized the Revolution suspension geometry so the Revolution X rides like an absolute dream. Factory tuned means the bike is tuned specifically for you at DVO for unparalleled suspension performance!

The Jade rear coil was born and developed on the world cup circuit and comes loaded with all the features necessary of a high end shock. Cooling fins and high flow pistons keep the shock running cool and consistent in the harshest conditions.

*Available as an upgrade over Rock Shox Boxxer WC

Schlumpf High Speed Drive
A bike this fast needs a way to be peddled. The German made Schlumpf High Speed turns the 34T chainring into a massive 85T equivalent at the click of a button. At speed, you will feel like superman pedaling your Revolution! Watch this video clip to see it in action!

Magura MT7e Quad Piston Brakes
The additional braking power of 4 pistons adapted from MAGURA?s motor sport experience gives you the fine control and maximum stability you need on high speed and downhill runs.
The MT7s are light, reliable, and offer unparalleled stopping power. The integrated cutoff will cut motor power as soon as it is activated.

Kenda Neval 2.7″ Tires
All that power needs a way to move you on any surface. Enter the Kenda Nevegal 2.7″ tire. This is the ultimate mountain tire featuring dual casing for sidewall stiffness, cornering and protection. Its tall knobs are designed to penetrate and hold Revolution steady on loose or uneven terrain.

Renthal 800mm Carbon Fatbar w/ Integra II Stem
The Renthal FatBar? Carbon 35 is the ultimate DH race handlebar. This ride-tuned handlebar combines the ultimate blend of strength, stiffness and shock absorption. This is achieved at a full 800mm width and at a market leading 225g weight.

Renthal’s revolutionary Integra stem combines high strength with ultra-low weight. The use of two independent, C-shape handlebar clamps allows the stem body material to be reduced to a minimum, whilst maintaining an incredibly stiff and strong structure.

Cane Creek 110 Series Headset
Handling and reliability are of utmost importance so we chose the best headset we could find that just so happens to be made in the USA!. The 110 series is a no-compromise, best-in-class premium headset. The 110 headset is made from the best materials in the world and uses ultra premium sealed bearings for long life and improved handling. You know it’s quality when Cane Creek offers a 110 year warranty!

X01 10-Speed DH X-HORIZON? Transmission
The Revolution X needed to be engineered to the fullest in every way possible so shifting was paramount to its overall performance. Engineered to maintain consistent chain gap across all ten gears, X-HORIZON? eliminates vertical movement for faster shifting, reduced shift force and an end to ghost shifting. ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH? technology and the 12-tooth X-SYNC? pulley wheels hold the chain in place, reducing bounce and chain slap. This transmission is designed to withstand the rigors of hard riding with ease!

Hand-Built Wheels
A fast e-bike requires the most robust wheelset for performance and safety. All of our wheel builds start by cutting each individual Phil Wood spoke in house and then hand lacing the wheel to our custom 3d drilled rims. By using the highest quality spokes, nipples, hubs, and rims, we ensure the best wheel you can get!


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