Gazelle Cityzen T10 HMB Speed


Additional Information

48.5 lbs

53 57


Lightweight, maneuverable commuter electric bike
Most powerful Bosch Performance mid-motor with support up to 28mph
Extensive range with 500Wh concealed battery
Powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes

Discover the Gazelle Cityzen T10 HMB Speed
Reach your destination at lightning speed and with minimum effort, thanks to the powerful Bosch Performance Line mid-drive electric motor. The battery is nicely concealed in the frame giving the bike a tough and robust appearance.
Powerful Bosch battery
Sportiness and quality along with a neatly concealed and powerful Bosch battery provide a sturdy and minimalistic design.
Shimano hydraulic brakes
Shimano hydraulic brakes provide the ultimate in fast-acting and powerful control.
AXA lightning
Features like an AXA Blue Line 30 front light paired to a SpanningaSolo rear light and AXA Defender ring lock offers high-quality optimum protection with an innovative design.
Bosch Performance Line
Enjoy effortless cycling with the smooth and powerful Bosch mid-mounted motor. The low positioning of the electric motor gives the bike a responsive and stable feel. The Bosch electric mid-mounted motor is ideal for daily trips as well as long distances. With torque of 63 Nm, it provides assistance on both flat and hilly terrain. Enjoy carefree cycling on your Gazelle with a Bosch mid-mounted motor.


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